Friday, July 3, 2015

Vintage Hollywood 4th of July

Ava Gardner, who probably would have (probably) approved of Mark Steyn's and my Sinatra selections this week..

Myrna Dell

Anne Rutherford

Rita Hayworth

Rule 5 and FMJRA

EBL: It seems like Dominion Day was just the other day...
Mark Steyn: Happy Dominion Day and How About You?

Instapundit: America is not getting more liberal, but more libertarian, Happy Independence Day, Cowboy Up Conservatives, be careful with fireworks, and go watch some fireworks with your kids


  1. Think it's Ann, not Anne, as someone we all know stated assertively one time.

  2. The great thing about these old pinups is that photoshop didn't exist :) Real beauty, not what a magazine editor wants you to see.

    1. That's a common misconception. Film photographers manipulated their images, just as digital photographers do. The only difference is they used analog methods. Dodging and burning, etc. You can find many examples of "before and after" glamour portraits from the 1940s. They were frequently heavily manipulated.


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