Friday, July 3, 2015

A modest proposal to change the holiday from July 4th to June 26th...

Celebrate Freedom!

Glenn Reynolds: Celebrate the 4th by reciting Obama talking points with your familyFamous Hillary Clinton donor calls African American judge a "clown in blackface," will she condemn it?, and Confederate Flag Flop

Ed Driscoll: Did President Obama reopen middle east slave markets by executive order? (what was that line in the Marine Corps anthem about the "shores of Tripoli")

Rush Limbaugh: George Takei gets a pass on racism

Hot Air: Vox: Maybe it would have been better if the British won the Revolutionary War
AoSHQ: Peak Vox

Instapundit: One votes for the party that freed his ancestors, the other for the party that interred him in a camp.   Twitchy!
Protein Wisdom: Shorter Takei and Not that long a Trek from Lib Activist to Racist
Legal Insurrection Takei and authentic blackness

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  1. What, you mean the day Stand Watie finally surrendered?


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