Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Planned Parenthood Responds To Its Terrible Mistake

Instapundit: Animal Lovers encourage murder as revenge and Cecil the Lion gets more coverage in a day than Planned Parenthood got in a week, and Don't #BlackLivesMatter?
Legal Insurrection: Simba-ism and William Jacobson makes the argument against moral equivalency (I understand his point, but there is a media disconnect about the Planned Parenthood story coverage by the major media that is undeniable)
Twitchy: TRO stops further PP undercover videos (for now)
Instapundit and Camp of the Saints: The Left tries to block the grim truth

Instapundit: Hypocrisy and Hedging? and Hillary pours salt in Planned Parenthood's wounds, Poster Child of the Declineis labor bailing on Hillary?DNC-MSM symbosisthe abolition of AmericaHillary and Obama throwing Planned Parenthood under the bus?more Clinton crony payola, and about that Planned Parenthood TRO

Wombat: Lions, Planned Parenthood Callousness and Death Language: Twitchy, American Thinker, Weasel Zippers, Protein Wisdom, and Conservatives4Palin

Lem's Levity/Trooper York: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, but in Baltimore, The Beat Goes On...

Instapundit: The internet is taking the place of God, what else happened while the internet melted down over a lionwhat's driving the outrage?, and lions and hunters are not the only predators out there

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