Thursday, July 30, 2015

Okay, if that $600 haircut today made Hillary look like this, it might have been worth it...

Hillary Clinton shut down Bergdorf Goodman's and got a haircut from John Barrett Salon (he typically charges $600 for a hair cut) but if it achieved this result it would totally be worth it...

The Other Other Hillary

Unfortunately Hillary Clinton's haircut did not go as hoped for...

Regular Right Guy: Andrea Mitchell Brings It To Hillary

The Blaze: It is punishment in the Secret Service to work Hillary Clinton's detail
Bill Clinton is managing to get by...

EBL: Hillary Hypocrisy, Hillary's new campaign song, and Separated at Birth: Bill Clinton and...?

Instapundit: Drip Drip (20 boxes of Hillary emails turned over), Thoughts on Trump, the Democrat Party is a criminal organization pretending to be a political party, and Bernie Sanders on immigration

Smitty: Troll of the Year so far is @Instapundit
Wombat: Gateway Pundit: Trump Leading with Hispanic Voters?  (maybe Hillary will keep the Trumpified look)

Mark Steyn: Pathway to Codswallop (Hillary is Trumpfied and so is Sanders)
Instapundit: Hypocrisy and Hedging? and Hillary pours salt in Planned Parenthood's wounds

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Actually Hillary got that $600 haircut to reach out to a certain voting block:

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