Thursday, July 9, 2015

Megyn Kelly eviscerates President Obama over sanctuary cities and the murder of Kathryn Steinle. Update: It's Lawlessness

Via Ace and NewsBusters: This above is a redacted video, this is an issue where you should review the whole thing. Go to the links.

Meanwhile as noted by Bob Belvedere and linked by Glenn Reynolds, we still have to deal with the blood liable of President Obama blaming Republicans for a tragedy solely the result of failed Democrat and Obama Administration policies.  

Donald Trump is taking a hard stance against immigration, expect as Ace notes the Donald was rather soft on the issue back in 2012. This is not surprising to anyone paying attention over the last few years. As DrewM notes, the GOP Establishment needs to learn something from this current Trump debacle. Rush Limbaugh notes Donald Trump managed to get the sanctuary issue beyond conservative leaning media.  

Because of voter frustration, Trump is appealing.  He is not going to win the nomination, let alone the presidency, but he could potentially be a third party spoiler (which makes him dangerous), but he not necessarily a Republican spoiler.  

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Are Carly and The Donald the best candidates?, Ed Driscoll: What's behind the Bernie Sanders boom?, Elizabeth Price Foley: Huma to move in with Hillary? (what about Anthony Weiner) and Ed Driscoll: America's Clown Show

Rush Limbaugh: Biden could screw everything up for Hillary and Huma!

AoSHQ: The class war in the GOP and (Update) It's Lawlessness: Right Scoop
Hot Air: RCP: Why is Obama ignoring Kathryn Steinle's murder?
Mark Steyn: Last stand of old white males...
Instapundit: Why is Obama silent on the San Francisco murder by an illegal alien? and the worse Obama does the more he cries racism.

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