Saturday, July 4, 2015

Freedom is Never Free...

George Washington never gave up when things got tough, neither should you.

Instapundit: Klavan: Cowboy Up Conservatives and Driscoll: Go Enjoy Some Fireworks With the Kids and conservative candidates need to understand the media (some do, some don't)
Lem/Trooper York: Let them eat cake...oh wait
AoSHQ/Weirddave: Birthright

AmPowBlog: Vigilance is Patriotic (Michelle Malkin) and Let's Get This Party Started
Wombat: Louder with Crowder 

Mark Steyn: Live Free Or Die? New Hampshire's Spirit of Independence

Instapundit: Independence Day Links, Roger Simon's the Last Fourth, get in the spirit with song and dance, go home Barack, you're drunk, the State of Oregon takes on the roll of the British this 4th of July, how to talk to the non leftist the other 364 days of the yearDemocracy-Whiskey-Sexy, practice free speech, and what the Declaration really claimed
Lem's Place: Condoleeza Rice and Jenny Oaks Baker play Amazing Grace to benefit Wounded Warriors and God Bless America

Remember Liberty and Independence!

Darlene Click: Happy 4th

AoSHQ: The Declaration read aloud
Camp of the Saints: Declaration Day
Mark Steyn: This is just sad...Henry Knox and Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys are weeping in their graves

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  1. Anyone interested in the price of freedom need only go to the nearest VA hospital or military cemetery.

    Even something as small as Custer Hill at Little Big Horn or a post cemetery on any of the old forts out West will give you something to think about.


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