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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Frank Sinatra: Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Moonlight Becomes You, and Jimmy Van Heusen

Sinatra and VanHeusen in the 50s

Van Heusen was a song writer and test pilot, and was reportedly quite the ladies man.  

Living the Dream (and those eastern critics don't know what they are talking about)

Nanette Fabray and Jimmy Van Heusen

Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Jimmy Van Heusen, Doris Day, and Nat King Cole

Here is another Van Heusen Burke collaboration (this one from 1942 that Sinatra recorded later on):

Mark Steyn goes into detail about The House I Live In (I did American the Beautiful and the The House I live In for the 4th of July, but Mark gives the rest of the story--read the whole thing). Mark did write a book on Songs for the Season (which you should go buy).

Mark also had a Dominion Day song How About You? (it is about New York but written by Ralph Freed who was born in Vancouver, BC) and earlier had the Cole Porter's classic, I Concentrate On You.

Bob Belvedere this week has Street of Dreams, Brooklyn Bridge (It Happened in Brooklyn* had a lot of great songs), and Cottage for Sale. Bob last week had a Cahn-Van Heusen classic The Tender Trap, along with Makin' Whoppie, Gershwin's I Have A Crush On You, and Are You Lonesome Tonight.

Pundette had Luck Me A Lady, Too Close for Comfort, Something's Gotta Give, and It Might As Well Be Spring and Blame It On The Bossa Nova!

*I did posts featuring songs and performances from It Happened in Brooklyn here and here.

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