Thursday, July 9, 2015

College is overrated...

College is fine if you have a plan of getting a degree to do something specialized that you have a passion for (for example, it's basically impossible to be a medical professional without going to college).  But going into big debt for college (especially over some amorphous worthless degree) is becoming less and less of a good idea, especially with nonsense like this and this (via TOM).

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  1. No, but it depends on why you're going there.

    If you're going there to open your mind, it's definitely worth it.

    If you're going there to convince yourself all the reasons you've closed your mind are correct (I have a PhD in Amerindian Transsexual Studies, $100,000 in student loans, and I can';t find a job), it isn't.

    I was once told, "You don't go to college to learn to make a living. you go to learn how to live".

    It's been pretty good advice.


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