Thursday, July 9, 2015

Anthony Weiner in tweet war with Donald Trump? Calls Trump a "Bernie Sanders" Republican?

Twitchy: This is some very funny stuff!

Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump's Bliding Achievement, the GOP establishment missed what happened on immigration, and Hillary, Bernie and Biden
Instapundit: Roger Simon: Are Carly and The Donald the best candidates? and Ed Driscoll: What's behind the Bernie Sanders boom?
AoSQH/DrewM: Free advice to the GOP establishment
Instapundit: Candidates from the Id and the Class War in the RNC

Since The Other McCain has feminist related posts, why not put them with Trump and Weiner:
Feminist Tumblr: It's not like they hate men or anything like that...
Smitty: Friday Fiction 100 world challenge: h/t Darleen
Sorry @AsheSchow: Due Process IS a Left-Right Issue
Wombat: In The Mailbox

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