Thursday, June 11, 2015

To Our GOP Elites: ObamaTrade's A Trap Update: Obama suffers stunning loss (no thanks to our GOP elites)


  1. As I've said, if it's got His Poutiness' name on it, you treat it like the plague.

  2. There is no rational reason for keeping a trade bill secret that doesn't involve screwing the American people. Obama has shown no issues with upsetting our Allies, so if the trade bill rocked the boat for Germany or UK, or more likely Taiwan and Israel; Obama wouldn't care. But Congress would, and Congress is up for election next year too. So the only reason I can see for keeping it secret is to help some Congressional candidates by giving them plausible deniability for voting on such a heinous bill. The simple solution is to not vote on it because it is secret.


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