Thursday, June 11, 2015

Feminist Lindy West Rule 5 with Bonus Feminist Crazy Eyes and Feminist Intolerance

Can feminism and comedy work (other than parody)?  So far I am going with no...

AoSHQ: On Sexual Hysteric Lindy West (I am going to say she has a persecution complex)

Instapundit: Study confirms stereotype about Crazy Cat Ladies and take a walk on the wild side
AoSHQ: Just saying "You guys" is sexist
TOM: Real Crazies Go On Tumblr


She's got crazy eyes. You can see it right there. And you'd HAVE to actually be crazy to support a woman with no real accomplishments (well, maybe bad ones), and no qualifications (unless lies constitute quals).

    American Power Blog also links to this story showing how intolerant feminists can be to other women

    I will put in this bonus Zooey Deschanel palate cleanser:

    Rule 5 and FMJRA

    Instapundit: Carly Fiorina on destroying/redefining feminismClinton gets everything wrong on votingHillary voter reform likely unconstituational, some wisdom of crowds needed (donors looking for favors from Hillary) and it's all about the cover-up
    AmPowBlog: More Rule 5 palate cleansers
    TOM: Who is Tiggy Upland?

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    1. If she can't fit in an airplane seat, maybe it's because she's a little, uh..., larger than life?


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