Monday, June 15, 2015

To All Those Upset Jon Snow and Hillary Clinton Fans Out There...

I know I should not mix metaphors, but I can't resist:

Hillary is taking hits (not only from Republicans but also from Democrats) but don't loose hope Hillary Fans,
there is a reason Melisandre was at Castle Black and Roosevelt Island!
Of course when it comes to honor and character, Hillary Clinton is way closer to Ramsay BoltonStannis Baratheon, or Cersei Lannister than Jon Snow.

And now that Rachel Dolezal is freed up from the Spokane NAACP she can go join Team Clinton
to help Hillary take the Black:
Protein Wisdom: How to be Black


  1. The whole Rachel thing reminds me of the time David Carradine guested on SNL.

    They did a take off on "Kung Fu" and used Eddie Murphy "It's Caine, and Bruce Lee is back! And this tiome, he's black!".

    But, yeah, keep hitting Epstein Island.

    Sooner or later, somebody's going to smell money and talk.

  2. Melisandre is a lot hotter than Hillary Clinton and though Melisandre does have (a few) faults, I think that Hillary has more blood on her hands. Liberals don't care.

  3. I read the book. I knew Jon Snow had his Ides of March coming. The question is, as Miracle Max might ask, "Is he dead dead?"

    1. I am pretty sure (well as sure as one can be, it is GoT) that the answer is no. What a better way to get Jon Snow out of his vows that having him "die" and be reborn.

      I am pretty sure Mycella is a goner, but even Stannis death was not shown.


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