Monday, June 15, 2015

800th Birthday of the Magna Carta

King John* reluctantly signing (actually it was sealed not signed) the Magna Carta Libertatum**

* The same King (Prince) John from Robin Hood.

** Magna Carta Libertatum:
The Great Charter of Liberty. I'm happy to say Mr Cameron's Commonwealth cousins across the Atlantic in Ottawa are more on top of things: One of the modestly heartening innovations of Stephen Harper's ministry is that, when immigrants to Canada take the oath of citizenship, they're now given among other things a copy of Magna Carta. 
Why? Because everything flows therefrom - from England's Glorious Revolution to the US Constitution and beyond. It's part of the reason why the English-speaking world, in contrast to Continental Europe, has managed to sustain its freedoms across the generations.


  1. Yes, but was he as cool as Claude Rains?

    1. Didn't Anthony Hopkins play him in Lion in Winter?

    2. No, he was Richard, but kind of whiny. Nigel Terry played John

    3. Prince John was a whiny little bitch in real life.


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