Monday, June 8, 2015

Game of Thrones: The Dance of Dragons Rule 5

A girl and her dragon (if things get bad having a dragon beats the heck out of a pony)
Game of Thornes and Daenerys are deviating from the novels

They are quite the team of characters

Who are you going to call when facing hords of Sons of Harpy Assassins?

Think of Daenerys as Timmy and Drogron as Lassie…a  Lassie who belches napalm

"It’s a thoroughly cruel and stupid decision on the part of Weiss and Benioff."

I have to agree with the critics on this, this was terrible story writing in setting up Stannis and utterly destroying his character. And when you come down to it, not much of a choice between the R'hllor (at least Melisandre version of this faith) and the White Walkers and the Great Other. Anyway, Macbeth this episode was not.  This was pathos and while ambition as a corrupting force is an old story, what was the point of all of this?

GoT Showrunner explains why they did it.
Ace makes a good point...


  1. I am so glad I've never seen this.

    1. It is actually a well done show. This particular scene with Stannis and his daughter was disturbingly wrong on many levels, but the show overall is well executed (with obvious exceptions). The parts with Dany and her dragon worked well.


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