Monday, June 22, 2015

Don't mention or focus on the shooters/perpetrators of heinous acts...

All of us need to stop focusing on the shooters/perpetrators in these events
and instead focus on the victims

RIP: We mourn the loss of these innocent people

The justified motivations vary, but the common thread is a loser who is looking for attention from the media. From the Gabby Giffords shooting, to the Colorado movie theater, to the Newtown grammar school, the shooters sought immortality by committing a heinous act. We need to deny these perpetrators that. That will also discourage future attacks.  

That does not mean we don't talk about the crime and its impact, but endless focuses on some criminal's rantings and Facebook postings does not help anything.  

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  1. Couldn't agree more.

    BTW, the little creep that did this is probably going to turn out to be a Lefty, not some neo-Nazi (remember all the fake "hate crimes" we've seen the last couple of years?)

    There's a nifty piece over at SooperMex detailing the little weasel's "manifesto".

    A quick summary:

    1) Blacks Need to See Everything Through the Prism of Race

    The pathetic maggot actually believes that whites need to do this more, even though he hates that blacks do it. Kind of a stupid contradiction, but he fully accepts the liberal notion that people need to see everything through a racial prism first and foremost.

    2) Whites Society Enforces White Supremacy

    This section could come out of any black advocacy book. Even one written by Rachel Dolezal!

    3) White Flight to Suburbs is Racist

    Liberals absolutely despise suburbia and so does Dylann. And who whines about white flight all the time? That’s right, liberals!

    4) Patriotism in America is Stupid

    Really all you have to do is replace “white” with “black” and you have the black lives matter movement. Kinda weird huh?

    5) Disrespecting the American Flag

    Oh and don’t forget all the pictures of him burning the flag:



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