Monday, June 22, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter: Homicide Watch in Chicago and Baltimore

I just ran a search on Homicide Baltimore.  36 over the past 30 days (this information will change depending on when you run the search)

TOM: Media Synchronicity and Corruption


  1. I am not commenting on the murders in the church in South Carolina.

    Inner city African Americans slaughter themselves in very large number daily. The murders are unremarkable (dog bites man stories) and receive only passing mention in the press, if any at all. Afro-American community organizers including the president, a former organizer himself, are loathe to deal with them. Thus the hypocrisy is revealed. Black lives only matter when black activists can exploit them for their own financial game. It's a cynical and completely self-serving philosophy that has bloomed even wider under this regime.

  2. It's all black on black, so the Lefties don't care.

    Love to see the Rs ( the real ones, not the Whigs) shove that one in the Demos' faces the next 16 months.


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