Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pope Francis comments about Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas may have been taken out of context…

My good friend Trooper York is troubled (and I share his concerns on how Israel is treated), 

And maybe Pope Pius XII should get a break too (or at least the benefit of some doubt)?  Obviously given the horrors of the Holocaust, not enough was done. We can't ignore that and G_d forbid Islamist forces ever took control of Israel.  

I agree we need to pay attention to what is going on.  This was a good thing today.

Update: EBL: Ramadi falls and Instapundit: Has the Church of Rome fallen to the left? 

Christians (especially in the Muslim world) are under tremendous pressure and persecution, so any overt support of Israel is feared to increase that persecution. That is part of the reason for the Church reaching out to Muslim leaders. Hence Abbas is looked at the lesser evil to Hamas/ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood/Boko Haram. I would suggest that is a losing dhimmi game, the only way to support Christians in the middle east (and the Muslim world) is to support them. Trying to appease thugs will only encourage more thuggery.  


  1. PS That's Pius XII, not XXII.

    I thought we'd had 10 Pii and nobody had told me about it.


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