Tuesday, May 5, 2015

NYPD Officer Brian Moore RIP

Trooper York: Police Lives Matter and Who is Demetrius Blackwell?

Who is Demetrius Blackwell?

On July 2, 2000 he robbed Andre Willingham of his wallet at gunpoint. When the victim started to follow him in his car he shot up the car and was arrested and convicted of armed robbery and attempted murder. He spent a mere eight years incarcerated and was back on the street.

In May 2013, Blackwell tried to rip the badge off a cop and injured an officer while being arrested.

In November 2014, he allegedly threw bricks at the windows of a house and a parked car while waving a gun.

He was involved in numerous encounters that didn’t end with his arrest, including getting shot in the hand and stabbed in the groin.

But that is not who he really is.

He is the skell that murdered Officer Brian Moore.

He is the guy they are talking about when they say too many young black men are incarcerated. He is the guy that they say should not be stopped and frisked. He is the guy who is the victim of racial profiling when the police stop him because he is adjusting a weapon in his pants. He is the guy they want to drink with an open container, smoke weed and urinate in the street.

He is Freddie Grey with a gun instead of a knife. He is Michael Brown who got the gun away from the cop. He is Trayvon Martin who picked on someone who didn’t have a gun to defend himself.

He is the guy who will get fancy lawyers like Professor Turley to defend him and his commenters to post comments and theories that will support him and help him beat the rap. He is the guy that the President and the Attorney General and New York Times will lionize and tell us that we have to understand the circumstances that forced him to pull that trigger. He is the progressive poster child that they strive to protect and cosset as they do everything in their power to delegitimize the police and what they do to protect the ordinary law abiding citizen.

Officer Brian Moore?

Not even an afterthought. The new Attorney General is rushing as one of her first acts to comfort the family of Freddie Grey. The family of Officer Brian Moore will not even get the back of her hand.

Officer Brian Moore will soon be laying in the cold cruel ground.

The President and the Attorney General might as well just spit on his grave.

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