Friday, May 1, 2015

#BaltimoreRiots: Freddie Gray Death: So where is the bolt? Update: Cops Indicted in Death of Freddie Gray

Remember Baltimore is a Democrat run city, with a Democrat run police department, 
dealing with citizens who mostly vote Democrat.

The City of Baltimore however is not doing a very good job showing us the actual facts. Given Baltimore's mayor told the police to stand down, managed to inflame citizens, gave an opportunity to outside protesters to escalate matters to rioting, maybe being forthright and upfront on what happened to Freddie Gray would help?



  1. I say again, where's the autopsy?

    (and good one on the bolt BTW)

    I've said it elsewhere, this is what Pilate did to Christ.

    I wonder if GoFundMe will take down a page for the officers' defense fund.

    (cause they're gonna need it)

    1. Your GoFundMe question is answered: Go F*** Yourself to those Cops

  2. I assume somewhere in there are seatbelts.

  3. Since everyone seems to be giving there $.02 now, and I don't expect many more "facts" to come out now that charges are filed. I think now might be the time to give an opinion of what I think will happen...

    I think these cops probably policed the way the prosecutor works, by using everything in the book; but when it came to themselves, they didn't exactly follow the book. I think that such behavior is wrong. I think Grey was a troubled person, who if alive today, would still be conducting criminal acts of some nature; but then again, many of his crimes (drug and weapon charges) start at the federal level more so than state and local. I do think Grey would have loved to find a way to personally make the cops look bad, and I suspect the cops obliged a bit too easily.

    That said, I think the Prosecutor over reached. This is the liberal East Coast, and months of conditioning people about Treyvon and Brown, might sway a jury. But the trial hasn't started and I see quite a bit of reasons to doubt 2nd degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. One rung further down (driver with involuntary manslaughter, others with some sort of criminal neglect) and I might think a conviction to be certain. An acquittal will destroy Baltimore, which already is looking like a dystopia to me. The sad part is I think the majority of people outraged (I find this stuff rather boring myself) actually are hoping for things to get worse.


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