Friday, May 1, 2015

#BaltimoreRiots: Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby charges the Baltimore Police with the death of Freddie Gray

Rush Limbaugh: Social Justice comes to Baltimore Overnight (and Al Sharpton is on the case)

Legal Insurrection: Homicide charged (so what are the facts justifying homicide and the rest of the charges) but wasn't there probable cause?, and Legal Insurrection's Andrew Branca does a very good job exploring hypothetical possibilities of what happened to Gray (since there are just so few facts released so far to go on).

I am not saying this isn't a homicide--it may be. There may be good reason (and probable cause) to charge some or all of these cops. And then again, there may not. We can't tell given the lack of facts released. This looks increasingly like a Bonfire of the Vanities case where the facts of the case no longer matter and the politics are driving the case.

Instapundit: Riots don't work, Ta Nehisi Coates is wrong, finding say Gray injured in van (okay, how), and the Wire's creator blames O'Malley for the riots

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