Saturday, April 18, 2015

Muslim Africans seeking to get to Italy for asylum throw Christian Africans overboard on the way...

Instapundit: Just the sort of immigration Europe needs 
ISIS/Daesh did say they were heading to Rome

Instapundit: Free speech lessons from Trudeau, Trudeau is an intellectual colonist, Trudeau is a Putz, Trudeau missed the fact the UVA rape story was debunked, TrudeaupeiaThe way to get back is to sue them (in Trudeau and Hillary's case to call them out), what's good for Harry Reid is…, and checking Charlie Hebdo privilege

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  1. Another victory for Smart Power and Smart Diplomacy. Be glad you can wade the Rio Grande at El Paso.

    PS The Lefties are trying to say the story about the IS camp in Mexico is bogus because it comes from a "discredited Conservative" blog.

    As I said elsewhere, I'll take Larry Klayman's word over Jeh (what the Hell kind of name is Jeh, anyway?) Johnson's any day.


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