Friday, April 17, 2015

Britt McHenry Career Meltdown Rule 5

Instapundit: Tow companies are notoriously bad But you need to be smart in dealing with asshats and you don't do it by being an asshat yourself (and especially not on camera)

Britt gives advice from her blog:
When you slip a few times climbing the ladder or when a dopey guy doesn't treat you right -- been there, done that in both situations, ladies -- focus on the positives in your life.

Smitty: Her Majesty's Parking and Friday Fiction Challenge
American Spectator: Just a slap on the wrist
Instapundit: Wait, someone is defending Britt!
Hot Air: Upside of surveillance society? (this isn't Santa Claus)
Instapundit: Was Britt McHenry set up by flash editing (boy the media is treating her like they treat conservatives)

Rule 5 and FMJRA


  1. But...but...but what if the lady in the parking lot actually needed to lose a few pounds?

    Would I kick Britt out of bed for eating Doritos and bean dip? No.

    Then again, I live with the curse of being a heterosexual alpha male -- which is that higher brains are secondary to good judgment when it comes to a pretty face and a svelte body.

  2. An old Texas saying: "Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone."


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