Tuesday, April 28, 2015

GoFundMe? Try Go F*** Yourself: The Gay Mafia cannot tolerate dissent

After the success of the Memories Pizza campaign, the Gay Mafia made sure the same effort could not happen with Sweet Cakes by Melissa or Arlene's Flowers. By pressuring Go Fund Me, the Gay Mafia managed to shut the funding campaigns for these small family businesses down.

Dissent will not be tolerated by the left. Because claimants will make up claims like they were "mentally raped" by a baker not wanting to do a cake for their wedding. This sort of bullying of people who disagree with them is intolerable. I am with Gay Patriot on this: if you throw out terms of "rape" for refusing to make a gay wedding cake, then the term does not mean anything anymore.  

These business did not ever refuse to serve gay customers for being homosexual, they refused to participate in same sex wedding ceremonies because they had religious objections to that. There is a difference.  

Fortunately Samaritan's Purse is stepping in.  They are raising money not only for Sweet Cakes by Melissa but also Nepal relief efforts.

The Gay Community, if they really cared about homosexual people around the world, would be focusing their efforts on stopping real persecution such as this.  And seriously, when everyone is gay, then nobody is gay. This is the insecurity and nuttiness of the gay community not recognizing the real danger out there.

Time to recognize the real enemy:
EBL: ISIS and Boko Haram are homophobic misogynist Islamic death cults

Instapundit: Same Sex at the Supreme Court Today  If a same sex couple wants to get married, shouldn't that be an issue of state law? But to say everyone has to then participate in these events is oppressive and wrong.  

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  1. This is why the Lefties hate the Net.

    Here, you're not stuck with what Zuckerberg or Gates hands you.

    You can make your own way.

    Power to the REAL people.


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