Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#BaltimoreRiots: What did happen to Freddie Gray?

I am definitely not justifying rioting and mayhem, but how does a 25 year old man go into a police van and come out with his spine almost severed and with injuries that shortly thereafter killed him?  I am inclined to give the police the benefit of doubt, but a case like this one (at least with what little Baltimore P.D. has released) quickly erodes that sentiment. The Baltimore P.D. won't even disclose why Freddie Gray was arrested in the first place. Baltimore's handling of Freddie Gray's death makes Ferguson's initial public relation effort in connection with the Michael Brown shooting look downright competent.  

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  1. I guess he died because of an infection caused by lack of sanitation. If that's not it, then why did the protestors work so hard just to get toilet paper. Shame on CVS for killing the kid.


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