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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaughan: The Nearness of You

It was a busy week with Where and When, Let's Fall in Love, Friday Night Film Noir, the Gibney/HBO documentary, and of course Irving Berlin and Easter.

Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaughan were a son and daughter of New Jersey. I wish there was a recording of Sarah Vaughan and Frank Sinatra together (perhaps there is one, Newark and Hoboken are not that far apart, but I am not aware of it).

Sinatra was a big fan of Sassy and both Frank and Sarah both covered this Hoagy Carmichael classic:


Mark Steyn: Our Loveand All or Nothing at All 
Bob Belvedere/The Camp of the Saints: Sinatra's Best 67-65 and 64-62 (with the 57 cover of Come Fly With Me)
Pundette: A train song and So much Sinatra! and she is back with Road Trip and a Whole Gang of Love.


  1. Frank's singing thrills and delights me. Thanks!

  2. Interesting tidbit about The Nearness Of You: It was written by Joe Biden!

    1. If that was true wouldn't he stick the microphone in his mouth?


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