Saturday, March 7, 2015

Things are not going well…

* I borrowed Bob's Flag of Distress From Dispatches From The Camp of the Saints (don't exclude it fly it upside down)

And then there is this: Get your ass down to Selma?  The march in Selma today is being co-opted by illegal aliens. I miss how this promotes African American freedom on the 50th Anniversary of the Selma marches. This is a step backwards given black unemployment is twice the national average.  And as Rush notes, that national average being hyped is phony and exaggerated too. Don't worry, you can go get your Selma fix on Netfix. BTW, didn't Oprah just lay off 200 in Chicago? Barack Obama departed more illegals than Bush, but he has the gall to say deportation violates the spirit of Selma. We need a distraction, so let's put Margaret Sanger on the $20!

Smitty: Ferguson to Holder: "Bring it yourself…"
RRG: Holder and Harf, dumb and dumber…
TOM: No sir, you can't be a feminist,  Life sentences for Michigan couple who raped a 1 year old childDinah Silverstein is a liar or a mendacious fool, and probably both, and what are a few naked photos amount under aged student friends.

Kevin Williamson: Can We Finally Be Done with King John The Clintons?


  1. They won't say banning same sex marriage violates Selma because they know what blacks would say.

    Otherwise, we've been through this before. It was called the Gilded Age.


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