Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Smitty's Hillary Camp Pain Slogans and Fake War on Women

Lem's: No evidence of rape at UVA
Instapundit: This is not about justice, this is about setting up Hillary's War on Women narrative
Instapundit (getting back to manufactured campus rape culture): Rolling Stone fails a police fact checkthe unluckiest college president in America, and five ways to end Hillary's war on the media.
TOM: Two Women Forced To Apologize for calling Male Librarian a "sexual predator."
Instapundit: Clintons hit with racketeering lawsuit over emails...
TOM: Teach women not to rape...
Instapundit: Talk of Campus "Rape Culture" is more about unscientific hate speech

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  1. Wrong picture. you want to go with something like what DayByDay had last Friday.

    Hillary in an SS cap, wearing one of those ankle-length black leather trench coats the Krauts so loved over a black leather corset, patent leather boots, black silk hose and garters, doing her best Marlene Dietrich.

    Or is it Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS?


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