Tuesday, March 24, 2015

German Airbus A320 Crashes In French Alps. Update: Was the pilot locked out of cockpit? Was it a deliberate mass murder by the co-pilot?

Mystery of What Caused The Crash

Why did it crash?

More at Hot Air/NYT
At AoSHQ they wonder if this lends itself to a terrorism angle. It could.  It could also lend itself to a medical angle (such as a heart attack or stroke of the pilot who remained in the cockpit).  The alternative theory is the windshield shattered, but there is no explanation why that would not result in a depressurizing of the aircraft (unless the bulkhead between passenger and cockpit are pressurized, which I don't think is the case). It seems this should be able to be verified one way or the other.

Instapundit: Likely deliberate crash by co-pilot. 
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  1. I seem to recall Le Airbus does this rather frequently.

    Am I wrong?


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