Monday, March 30, 2015

John Water's Pink Flamingos is tame compared to how things are today…

The truth today is far stranger and disturbing than the outrageous (for the time) fiction of Pink Flamingos (1972):

Sorry Devine, Not any more…

The Other McCain is reporting on the moral decline and collapse of Western Civilization:
Emerging Awareness Update
Middle school teacher has lesbian sex with 14 year old girl
Message for white males in the UK: "It is time for you to bow down."
Nuance for Scalia: It's the Commie take over of the liberal arts we hammer
The Social Justice Lynch Mob, You know you're a big deal, right? , What could possibly go wrong?
Teacher's texts expressed a "deep love" for an 11 year old, just murder, not a hate crime, the rape epidemic that isn't

But hey, gays have to go attack Indiana (AmPowBlog highlights the left's hypocritical boycott of Indiana and a law first signed by Bill Clinton) and florists in eastern Washington
Instapundit: Finally a false rape accusation prosecuted

TOM: Attempting to drive through barricades at NSA headquarters is a bad idea (even in drag), Public Education Has Corrupted The Morals of America's Youth, and Peak Hipster San Francisco
TOM: Lesbians earn 20% than Heterosexual Women
Instapundit: Teach Women Not To Rape and the Rolling Stone Rape Scam was a Hoax and Jackie is a Liar
TOM: Is Sexual Desire Dehumanizing? and Feminism requires a theory of the moral and intellectual inferiority of males…
TOM: Gender Insanity at $45,078 per year
Instapundit: After 50 years of feminism, women fantasize about dominate men and Teach Women Not To Rape (cont)


  1. Thank Goatse that you didn't link the "Surfin' Bird" scene from "Pink Flamingos." That's some seriously effed-up shit.


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