Monday, March 30, 2015

Barack Obama is so desperate for a deal with Iran that he will basically agree to anything to get one…

Richard Fernandez/Belmont Club: The Lost Highway
PJ Tatler: Netanyahu speaking to McConnell and Reid: Deal Dangerous to Humanity

Instapundit: Moe Lane (what is in store for 2016), What Peggy Noonan thinks (who cares), what Kevin Williamson thinks (now I am paying attention), no Democrat is inevitable in 2016, US Allies fear Obama Administration is leaking secretes to Iran, if Iran gets nukes, so will the Saudis, do Israel nukes frighten you…good, and if you think Barack Obama's decisions are bad now, wait till they play out next year.

Weekly Standard: A Nuclear Iran
Mark Steyn: Everyone is an ally, except Israel
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Deal: Trust, but don't Verify
Hot Air: Another Iranian Bait and Switch
Instapundit: O'Malley: Nuclear Iran greatest "Man Made" Threat but he won't dare speak Hillary's name...
Washington Free Beacon: Iran wants more concessions from Obama as talks hit critical stage
Hot Air: Obama more concerned with a "win" against GOP than the safety of the nation

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  1. If you know the background of the Munich "negotiations" in '38.


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