Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day For The Ladies Rule 5

A Rule 5 for the ladies!

Still there are benefits:

Biggest Valentine's Day Haters


  1. Yes, but do you really want her standing over you yapping, "Well, you missed there, and there, and there, and what was that?

    That's the best you can do?"?

  2. Agree with Don. Most often, the nice guy becomes a friend and the jerk gets laid. At some point, I quit trying to do all the nice things, and it just seemed that relationships got better.

    With my wife, we have without discussion come up with shared responsibilities. I typically do the laundry, we take turns doing dishes (when we rarely eat at home rather than out to avoid dishes altogether). She much rather clean, because of what edutcher says. Well actually, she has a maid service come every other week to deep clean, and then she covers what they didn't and does a bit more in the time between. But if ever we get well ahead, with all the laundry done, the floors scrubbed, the dishes put away; my wife quickly gets bored. I don't think it is a nesting complex, or a gender thing. She just desires to be productive rather than relax. To get her to relax, you really have to wear her out.

    Anyway, I got her flowers yesterday, so that she would feel good at work, and besides we first met on a Friday the 13th. I took her and the girls to her favorite restaurant, where the fair tip was $50. I would do anything for her, but she's happy just knowing that when she asks, she'll get it.

    Happy V-Day to you Evi. I hope your day was awesome too.


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