Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fifty Shades of Wacky

Yes this does say something about the world we live in that this is apparently so popular (a cry for help by women betrayed by feminism)* but never let a Rule 5 opportunity go to waste:

More Keira Knightley: Here and Here

It is not just a patriarchy thing…

TOM: Women fear the penis but not the paddle?

I was not surprised to see Kathy Lee spanking Roker…

Fifty Shades of Friends (ok, they are probably doing it wrong)

No, not that Spanky!

Instapundit: Fifty Shades of Zane Grey
Call your lawyer: This bondage fetish stuff is a really bad idea if you are a guy… (unless you are a real masochist).
Instapundit: Cut your losses girls!
Instapundit * Linked

Lem's Place: Expect a run on duct tape and rope


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