Monday, February 2, 2015

Seahawks: Fire Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell

I am not for throwing people under the bus for a stupid mistake, even a costly mistake, but given the post game comments this is an easy decision:

EBL: Congratulations Patriots
Brutal Honesty:  Unmarried, Fat, or Darrel Bevell, it starts with who made the call and owning that.
538 Blog: It was Belichick who screwed up?  I am not sure Belichick screwed up but even if he did all is forgiven if you win...
Hot Air


  1. On average, run plays have only a slight edge over pass plays from the 1 yd line.But, you say, Marshawn Lynch had a much better-than-average chance?

    If you say that, you're simply wrong:

    Among 39 running backs with at least 10 carries from the 1-yard line in the past five seasons (including playoffs), Lynch’s touchdown percentage (45 percent) ranks 30th. Also consider that this season, Lynch scored a touchdown on 1-of-5 rushes from the 1-yard line.

    What actually happened was that a play w/ a high probability of success was thwarted by an incredible play by the cornerback.

    And who gets credit for leaving his corners in when everybody expected the run up the middle? Bill "Genius" Belichick. Pete the Cheat didn't notice that aspect of the NE coverage.

    So if you want to blame him for that, fair enough. But it wasn't insane to call the pass there. In the end, Seattle got outplayed.

    1. Lynch got stopped once that game for zero yards. Granted that was red zone, game on the line, but when you have Lynch you run him. If the Pats pulled off a stop...then you have to give them credit. But blowing a TO and then calling that play then made no sense. You run the ball.

      Credit to Belichick, he outplayed Pete. Credit to Butler for saving that game for the Pats. Brady should be giving Butler the Chevy truck (and Kraft should cover the taxes on it). But it was a bad call, which is why 99% of commentators are saying it was a bad call.

    2. I think Brady will give the truck to Butler.

      But he won't let him borrow Gisele.


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