Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pauley Perrette, Rule 5, and how out of touch the media is…

John Podhoretz notes how out of touch the media is: Ignoring success of hits like Lone Survivor, being surprised when American Sniper has box office busting success, and focusing on lame shows such as Girls over television hits such as NCIS.

I actually liked Jersey Boys and think Podhoretz is being a bit harsh on that Eastwood film, which while not a hit (as a film--the play was very successful) sort of addresses some of these same themes in a different way.

I have played into this a bit.  I did posts promoting American Sniper and its actors. But I have run a half dozen posts on the train wreck that is Lena Dunham. Granted, it's been news worthy as a point of contrast and as a freak showbut have I ever focused on NCIS? No. So I am rectifying that now:

Pauley Perrette of NCIS deserves a Rule 5:

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  1. Be interesting to see what would happen if you did a pro-USA Vietnam War flick right now. Or even one where the California vigilantes are the good guys (and they were).

    Our betters may think they're safe, but I get the feeling your average Joe or Jane know life is about to get really interesting and CCW will soon become open carry.

    With that in mind, no doubt people are pro-military. That lean, green fightin' machine is all that's between them and us.


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