Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hitler finds out about Brian Williams…

Instapundit: “It’s like being unsure if you had a threesome with Sofia Vergara and Kate Upton! Some shit you just do NOT ‘misremember.’”

P.J. O'Rourke shows some sympathy for Williams: All war correspondent stories grow bigger with time and drinks… 

True, but it helps to actually have some old school war story chops in the first place (reporters and writers like James Jones, Norman Mailer, Herman Wouk, Irwin Shaw, Walter Cronkite and the late Bob Simon were actually repeatedly in harms way). And while I was no fan of Walter Cronkite, I do not recall him ever self promoting himself with war stories like Brian Williams did. 

And I will take those old guys at Elaine's in the seventies over the current crop of TV celebrity reporters anytime. EBL: Brian Williams and NBC's Game of Thrones
Instapundit: Social Media Politics
NBC put the kibosh on Brian Williams references/jokes at SNL 40, but Seinfeld and Carrey apparently did not get the memo…

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  1. When you have to invent words like "misremember”, you know it's not gonna fly.


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