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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trifecta Rule 5!

She says she did it to drive away male dates…she obviously doesn't know men (third boob won't do it).

On the plus side, she can probably get into any ComicCon without a ticket…

Total Recall?

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  1. I think it adds to her sexual appeal, which wasn't all that great before the third breast.

    I wonder if women will react positively to a second, or even third penis? What do you think EBL? .....

  2. I'm not buying her story, but as much as men like boobs, if they wanted them that bad to deal with crazy like this, then men would just get their own enhancements to play with anytime they wanted. Trannies do it all the time.

    Real women know real men. Real men won't spend enough time with the boobs and will move to fast to the vagina. A third boob just extends that time by 50%.


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