Monday, September 15, 2014

So which way will Scotland go?

With a quote from Gareth in Four Weddings and a Funeral

And never let a Rule 5 opportunity pass by (especially with Wombat's "Man Who Saved Britain" reference), so why not some Women of Scotland?

Kelly MacDonald is Scottish!

Rose Leslie is Scottish!

 Karen Gillan is Scottish!

This guy probably escaped from this site

Kelly MacDonald again

How about those Scottish Theme Restaurants for vote watching!



  1. Supposedly, Scotland is the Detroit of Britain, so going independent is really dumb, but they still raise some bonnie lassies.

  2. I was in Aberdeen in 2012. The guy that drove me from the airport to the hotel talked all about independence. Personally, I had no issue either way, but it was ironic that this was the day the Olympic Torch visited the town, and nobody in the streets seemed to interested in independence.

    My manager then, and still good friend, lives in Scotland. I've checked with him to make sure his family is doing alright. I'm worried now that the polling has become so divisive. I suspect whatever the result, some people will take the opportunity to riot. My own view, and I suspect that of my friend, is that Scotland is not prepared for independence. I hope for the people of Scotland that the vote is "no".

    I also wouldn't mind the movement failing as to keep US based talk of secession in check.


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