Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ISIS beheads American journalist James Wright Foley (I took allegedly out)

This is very disturbing:

Did Foley support Syrian terrorists, only to fall victim to them? Donald Douglas was on a tweet last night that had this link from Frontpage. That is not to imply Foley deserved it or I am glad he is dead. I am not. But I think if Foley had such views going in, his perspective might have been changed a bit.
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ISIS speaks for no religion (that is absolutely not true, it speaks for its own twisted version of Sunni Islam that it seeks to impose over anyone it can)
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Michael Totten


  1. Or is it a threat to behead Foley if US airstrikes continue?

    1. ISIS claims they killed Foley and they are threatening to do the second guy next. It is not confirmed Foley is dead but many think he is. But since I could not confirm it, I said it was alleged.

    2. OK. First time thru I thought the guy at the end was Foley, but it's not.

  2. All the guys wearing the black pajamas have a real death wish. It's going to be tricky to figure out how to kill them all and keep killing them until they're endangered species without killing lots of innocents. It's a tough nut to crack, but one which I think our side has the talent for.


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