Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Did Officer Wilson suffer a fractured eyesocket from his interaction with Michael Brown?

Like Ace and Hot Air, I trust Gateway Pundit, but I have to question his sources and this information until it is further confirmed. As Ace notes, the reporter @ChristineDByers who tweeted that 12 witnesses have confirmed Officer Wilson's version of events has retracted that tweet.  Assuming this alleged injury of Officer Wilson is true, is the Ferguson Police Department the most incompetent police department in recent memory when it comes to public relations?

I guess we wait and see.

Meanwhile, the Liberal media is creating a lynch mob atmosphere for Wilson
More at Lem's Place

Smitty notes it is almost like they have the script for this already drafted, great comment by Larry at Instapundit.
It is reported Officer Wilson did not suffer an eye socket fracture.
It is now reported by the WaPo that Officer Wilson did suffer an eye socket fracture.


  1. That xray sure looks like a blow out fracture of the orbital floor. It will require a silicone (or whatever they use today) implant to repair properly. I'm familiar because in a former life I was a tad too near an explosion in a hootch with tile roofing...one of the tiles knocked me in to next week, blowing out the orbital floor, fracturing the cheek bones in several places, breaking my nose and fracturing my upper jaw on the left side. The US Army Evac Hospital folks did a perfect job of repairing it all, implant, tiny pins, etc...that was 1969, and it has never caused a moment of grief since...well maybe a little less draining in the sinus cavity than I'd like but otherwise, perfection.

    It is also a common injury for baseball players who get a line drive in the face, as well as boxers who fail to guard their face. Could a punch cause it...absolutely

    1. Is is really Darren Wilson's face? I could see a mischief maker putting out false information too.

    2. It was my understanding that it was meant as a generic example of that type of injure. I don't think it would be legal to release Wilson's actual medical records.

    3. Chip S is correct...releasing medical records without patient permission is a crime in itself.

    4. True, unless he authorized it. You are both correct. You would assume he would want to do so--but that might explain why this took so long to get out.

    5. EVi...yes, it can be done if authorized by the patient, just as my medical records are available to Judi by "Proxy" authority I set up with my medical network.

      I had the option to allow anonymous publication if I chose it. No thanks. It took about a week to establish the legal proxy. Given my antiquity I am about to give her durable power of attorney and overall authority in a living will. My daughter is fine with the idea that Judi watches out for me and advises her...they trust each other and I trust Judi like no one else on earth, period. Judi is sufficiently younger than me (14 years) that this all makes sense. I have had cancer and been successfully treated for it (remission, so to speak) however, cancer is cancer and it comes back, so I need to be sure my affairs are covered and my wishes are followed...e.g., do NOT keep me alive as a vegetable on a morphine pump, as my father was for his last 6 months. What a horror. No resuscitation, thank you very much...I will deal with whatever comes next as I always have. I don't plan on that for another 5 years or so, just saying....

  2. I should add that it is nearly impossible to blow out the orbital floor yourself, no matter how clumsy you might be. It takes a direct concussive blow of some kind, whether flying hard tile, or rock, or baseball, or fist.


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