Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gabe Malor cautions us not to believe everything Diane Feinstein is claiming about the CIA

It is easy to get sucked into this given it is the CIA under the control of the Obama White House and Democrat Diane Feinstein going at it. In fact, however, don't believe most of it…

Diane Feinstein, playing politics with the truth.

You can dispute whether or not "enhanced interrogation" was a good or bad thing, but the politicizing of this by Diane Feinstein and the Obama White House is both hypocritical and dangerous.  This debate is not being conducted in good faith. The Obama White House would love to debate the merits of water boarding and sleep deprivation of al Qaeda terrorists under the Bush Administration and ignore the hundreds of thousands slain in Syria, the collapse of Libya and Iraq, the abandonment of the Kurds and the Ukrainians, all under Obama's watch.  


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