Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mississippi Run Off: Chris McDaniels vs Thad Cochran

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TOM: Thad Cochran needs to concede…

AoSHQ: Why it is important to make red state senators as conservative as possible... This goes back to the WFB, Jr. "Buckley Rule" on elections. There is also the Limbaugh Rule, but that can only hope to work if the party then follows Reagan's 11th Commandment. That does not mean you can't criticize a fellow Republican in the primaries, it means you support the nominee in the general. Christine O'Donnell was abandoned by the GOP when she beat out Castle in the primaries. Will Cochran and the GOP elites do the same for McDaniels?  Of course, Mississippi is not a blue state so McDaniels will win.

FiveThirtyEight: Who benefits in a runoff? (No Eye Deer)

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