Thursday, June 5, 2014

Justine Harman's Boobs Rule 5

TOM did a post on a story by Justine Harman (who is a freelancer/style editor for Elle). This references Scout Willis, who was (as readers of BSC News last week know) a subject of a Rule 5. So here is the obligatory Justine Harman's Boobs Rule 5 post (x posted at BSC News with video):


So here’s the deal: I’m kind of known for my boobs. Though I’m 5’3″ (on a good day), my breasts are somewhere between a 34C and a 32D and naturally possess what a high school classmate once called “indomitable turgor pressure.” Translation: My cups, most definitely, runneth over. As a result, I spent all of high school and college wearing low cut halter tops with little or no support. And I beamed with pride whenever someone suggested my teeming décolletage was fake. “Touch them!” I’d demand of guys and girls alike. But as I’ve gotten older, Father Time hasn’t been so much cruel as he’s been fair to my cleavage.
At 29, I can no longer wear a flimsy tank without also wearing a granny bandeau. . . .
Is it me or do these pictures of Justine Harman fail to capture her body image (as described by that passage above)?


elle-street-style-justine-4-04-v fe3a7352ba9671c48993aec4c4f86337

Fashionable shoes and sweat shirt

I am just throwing this video immediately below in as a commentary on fashion in general...

This video below is Jasmine Harman (not Justine) but somehow it seems to fit the theme of this Rule 5 and Justine Harman's body image, so I am going to include it.

TOM: Meanwhile Amanda Marcotte is going nuts over a non-story over high school dress codes…

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