Thursday, June 26, 2014

How Molly Ball blew it: Establishment Republicans "winning" by bringing in Democrats is not the Tea Party "blowing it."

I previously gave Molly Ball a Rule 5

But she is not that pretty 

Either that or you intentionally misled your readers by writing a false story…

We know why Chris McDaniel "lost."  And you have no idea how angry conservatives are…

This is your Mississippi GOP: The flyer that got Thad elected…

The staggering price of crushing the Tea Party… (it should be the staggering price of alienating a good portion of your own base)
TOM: Media bias and women with penises…
My comment at TOM:

When I did that meme that Molly Ball was not Amanda Marcotte (despite the cats), Bob Belvedere Adoran [my bad] warned that the jury was out on Molly.
Well the verdict came in and Ms. Ball definitely in the bag for the Establishment! And that would be the media establishment. Because one establishment scratches the back of another (in this case the GOP).

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  1. No, she's not, and, yes, she blew it.

    But we have to be tolerant.

    She does write for The Atlantic.


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