Thursday, June 26, 2014

About this House lawsuit against the Obama Administration…

Divine Right of Democrats

George Will lays out the reasons why a lawsuit by the House of Representatives against the White House may work. Neal Cavuto is wrong about opposing this, although I agree its ultimate success in the courts is a debatable point. I do not know if there is a legal option beyond impeachment for challenging a President on executive orders, but I remember a failed Supreme Court order against another Democrat that historically is brought up a lot…

To bring this mater to a head, I see no harm in the House pursing this option and frankly a lot of potential upside.


  1. I say give it a shot.

    I also say impeach the bastard and have Joe declared mentally incompetent.

    1. We would need the Senate first to even consider impeachment. It has gotten so bad with Democrats that if we had videos of Obama, Axelrod and Carney destroying evidence and directing wrong doing themselves, Democrats would never vote for impeachment (let alone conviction).

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    3. The House, now run by Republicans, impeaches (grand jury indictment), the Senate tries and finds guilty or innocent. What the House says is its own business, the Senate still has to deal with it.

      Even if the Senate acquits him the way it did Willie, it would be an interesting blot on the Demos' record to have 2 Presidents impeached for cause.


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