Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How is the Obama Administration's Foreign Policy turning out? Al Qaeda taking over parts of Iraq

This is when al Qaeda marched back to Fallujah.  Just don't call them terrorists!
TOM: Al Qaeda on the Offensive in Iraq.
AoSHQ: Sunni insurgents take over Mosul, capture huge cache of American arms...
American Power: ISIS take over Mosul (Islamic State in Iraq and al-Shams)

No one saw this coming after Barack Obama decided to pull out completely from Iraq.  I wonder what will happen in Afghanistan after we release more of their generals back into the population and start withdrawing? Well Wombat noted that the Taliban is doing this now (so that is a pretty good indication of what we have to look forward to).  

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  1. That's what they wanted, but it will blow up on them.



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