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Saturday, March 22, 2014

DaVinci's Demons, Season II Rule 5

I liked DaVinci's Demons, it was better than The Borgias (which was okay), more entertaining.  Since DaVinci's Demons Season II starts tonight, you might want to eat something in the Florentine spirit…
Open Blogger at AoSHQ had this food porn: Bistecca Ala Fiorentina (you are all monsters)
It would pair well, however, with a Super Tuscan
Which prompts this Rule 5 women from DaVinci's Demons, Season II:

Lucrezia Donati (Laura Haddock)

Clarice Orsini (Lara Pulver)

Ima, Incan High Priestess (Carolina Guerra)

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  1. You have to have a little education to appreciate how Lenny gets to use all his inventions within the context of the story, but the kick is, knowing the historical period, watching him meet up with Torquemada, Ferd & Izzie, and Dracula, and how he's going to discover America this year.

    PS Where's Vanessa?


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