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Saturday, December 7, 2013

I denounce Moloch worship

I do not like the cow imagery...
Moloch has an appetite for children...
Unfortunately TOM reports Moloch apparently has a lot of followers in Argentina.
Update:  Although we should be celebrating those who peacefully resisted.

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Wombat notes Baal going on an enforced diet (some good news)
TOM: Couple wins $50 million because test did not tell them the baby was deformed and they would have killed it (sort of like Mega Millions or Powerball).
Here is a guy who dreamed up a way to save babies...
TOM: Discrimination? Who exactly is the party being discriminated against?  There is a reason woman are cheerleaders in the NFL and not linebackers.  Although with all due respect to RSM, I will make an exception for some warrior cheerleaders, on a case by case basis...

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