Thursday, December 12, 2013

Connecting the dots: Continuing IRS audits of people who publicly speak out about Obamacare/Affordable Care Act...

Ace sees a pattern. So do I.  

Read the whole C. Steven Tucker interview.  It is illegal for your existing insurance to be cancelled if you have a life threatening condition. So if something happens to you, do not accept it--Fight back. Tucker has a post on this: The Truth About Preexisting Conditions

But with these retaliatory tax audits, now I see the connection between Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama (Christian activist Peter Hammond describing how after he offended Nelson Mandela, he was audited by the equivalent of the IRS in South Africa).

DaTechGuy on the Left's tactic of Shutuppery
Wombat rounding up the links on Obamacare... 


  1. It was Willie's favorite tactic, too.

    Funny how these Commie Democrats are all alike.

  2. Stevie Wonder could see that pattern, if he weren't blinded by the melanin.


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