Monday, November 25, 2013

Separated at Birth: Katy Perry and...?

Racism?  Really?  Because Katy Perry did a Japanese inspired show at the AMA?  I did not see the show but it sounds like Katy Perry just really likes Japanese culture (even if she doesn't get it). I am not a big Katy Perry fan, but the costume looks great. That is not racism, that is a complement.  But this does lend it self not only for a Rule 5 post but a separated at birth:

Turning Japanese and...
Turning Anime*

Katy Perry is just wearing a costume and some make up.  This *young lady's surgical transformation is absolutely disturbing (it is like she trying to turn into Julianne Moore)--although I suppose it could be worse if she went transgendered.

Well if Katy Perry is racist playing a geshia, then this performance must be racist too:

Okay. I will give them this one (it is racist)... (blame it on the war, they started it)
This was not racist, but definitely bad casting!
John Wayne as Genghis Kahn
Okay, Katy Perry's performance might have sucked did suck, but it was not racist.


  1. Why isn't it racist?

    The rules governing is/isn't racism are utterly confusing.

    Archie Bunker says "the coons are coming" and it's racist. George Jefferson says "I ain't settin foot in a honkie house" and it's okay.

    1. Of course the "rules" governing racism are utterly confusing, there are no rules. It is often completely subjective and arbitrary. Were you racist when you were accused of it? Or was your accuser?

      I will give All in the Family credit in it did not vilify Archie completely and used George (and even occasionally Meatball) as foils. It was still way biased to the left.


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