Monday, November 25, 2013

"Mystery Human" interbreeding with ancient hominid species?

Well here is a fun topic for Thanksgiving dinner:
Scattering his mojo through time? 
Interbreeding with Neanderthals (and Denisovans too).  Some people who could be part Neanderthal...  Here is a great suggestion, pick out family members and guests who you think best capture the Neanderthal look! For those who reject the Neanderthal-Human hybrid talk, the shared DNA could be from a previous ancestor to both Neanderthals and modern humans.  Update:  Denisovans in Spain?

Querry:  Can we really call them separate species if they can successfully interbreed (without producing infertile offspring like a donkey and horse producing a mule)?   Another way to describe it is inter-fertile (as in a wolf and a coyote may be separate subspecies, but can breed and produce viable fertile offspring).

But if science is not your bag baby, you can instead shill for the Obama administration on how Obamacare is better than sweet potato pie!

Rule 5 Paleo Cave Woman!

Proto-Feminist!  I think we found Janeane Garafalo's missing link!


  1. I always sorta thought Garafalo looked like she'd be a really dirty girl.

    Then I read where she said she was asexual, or nearly so. Oh well.

    A kinda strange looking dirty girl is way better than a beautiful statue. A kinda strange looking asexual mouthy broad with a bad attitude and terminal libtardism...ain't worth nothin' to nobody.

  2. The last pic is an excellent of Hillary prior to preening and college.

  3. Really Meth? I guess you've never seen pictures of Hillary in college.

    No difference.


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